Anthony Constantinou: Finance boss of CWM jailed for 12 months for sexual assaults at or near Heron Tower HQ

A fund chef whose firm’s environment was compared Towards Wall Street’s Hair continues to be jailed for 2 matters of sexual attack nowadays for 12 weeks.

Anthony Constantinou, aged 35 and previously the chef of foreign currency trading company CWM, was found guilty of sexually attacking two ladies earlier this season.

The courtroom was informed that, in March 2014, he pressed one-woman against a divider within the reception section of his Structure headquarters within the Square-Mile and kissed her in a celebration against her will.

In February 2015, he force fed his target hot paste that is additional, before making her pursuing her out-of a gathering space and acquiring her. The conduct was compared by the target in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Hair of Wallstreet to anything.

“all these attacks displayed an incredibly uncomfortable experience for that sufferers and hopefully that present day consensus may proceed some little method to providing them a feeling that justice continues to be offered,” stated investigator inspector Anna Grain in the Town of London Authoritiesis Public Protection Device.

“Constantinou obviously believed that his conduct that was intimidating was appropriate and the phrase of today indicates this really is not the situation.”

Of one count of attack, Constantinou was likewise removed at his test in the Previous Bailey. A choice could not be additionally reached by the court on the three costs that are further and also the justice has stated it’ll to not find a retrial.

Anthony may be the boy of an entrepreneur Constantinou and also the target of the “Silver-Bullet homicide”, which happened on Year.