Hale Veterinary Group Saved My Cat’s Life

My cat was not neutered and he had a really bad habit of running off for a few days at a time. This was common for cats that weren’t neutered and I never really thought much about it. I wanted to get him neutered but the last appointment I made for him, he came up missing and was gone for a few days. I canceled that appointment and let them know I would call back when I wanted to make another one.

When my cat finally came home a few days later he was tore up. It looked like he had been in a fight and it was pretty obvious that he lost. He had a large swollen part on his face and from what I learned it was an abscess. He also was pretty scratched up in several places. I immediately called the Buchanan Vets to see if I could bring him in. I let them know what was wrong with him and told them it was an emergency because I was really concerned about the abscess.

hale veterinary group information was able to take one look at my cat and determine it was definitely an abscess that needed to be treated. The vet told me that it could have killed him if we would have left it without bringing him in. She was also able to put ointment on his other scratches and fixed him right up. She asked if I wanted to leave him overnight so they could neuter him the next day. Since we were already there, I told her that would work out perfectly.

their team was able to get me an appointment for my cat and neuter him. I was so happy to pick him up and he looked so much better than he did.