CLP First Coin Offering Announcement

Today, Crypto Lending Project (CLP) declares its crowdsale effort. Our aim is to disrupt the financing and investment industry by developing a platform capable of improving this industry via technology.

CLP is a totally different approach to investments and lending and is establishing an ecosystem of financial tools which will enable users to lend and borrow via peer to peer lending backed by Blockchain technologies and spend in our packs which combined results in a fresh transparent and powerful means of investing.

CLP is a decentralized peer to peer platform which applies Blockchain and CLP coin.

Investors are going to have the ability to exchange monies such as Bitcoin/Ethereum to get CLP coins they may be used in the platform.

With a strong focus on user experience and also a deep experience in quite a strong management team and the cryptocurrency industry, CLP makes it possible for those who don’t have any technical or financial knowledge to gain on high earning opportunities harnessing fresh crypto-markets’ potential.

Key Investment Tools

CLP makes it Simple to lend and spend and taking advantages of our international infrastructure, so track and you just have to relax your profits

Disbursement can be got by borrowers on exactly the exact same day via a quick, simple and thoroughly process.

Users’ credit is evaluated blockchain engineering that ensures the validity and safety of database along with by AI.

CLP coin along with crowdsale

Is going to probably be rewarded with a CLP price that is reduced.

CLP coin is the representative coin that’s developed and based on the Ethereum platform using powerful and elastic Smart Contracts of CLP.

Total CLP provide is limited to 150 Million coins and also no coins will be produced in the future.

An innovative Affiliate program brings completely free CLP coins and CLP benefits community development .

ICO Summary

Name: CLP coin
Start Date: 1st November, 2017
End Date: 30th November, 2017

How to participate

CLP is entrusting Epicircles company — sale company and a advertising with its distribution.

You will have the ability to own CLP coin by buying on exchanges in early December. It’s possible to keep holding your CLP to acquire profit or combine in to Epicircles’ packs to get curiosity and loan interest.

Online Presence

Company name: CLP
Company website:

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