Customers cash in as Azimo launches money transfer that is one-tap

Users may now immediately send and receive cash using only a telephone number 

Azimo, the international currency transfer service, has today launched an industry-first feature that will revolutionise how cash is received and sent.

Azimo’s fresh in-app feature enables clients to instantly request, send and receive cash globally simply utilizing a mobile phone number. The offering – which has the capability to benefit 793m individuals based on Azimo’s global footprint – will essentially alter the currency transfer market because clients no longer need to input tricky account details or IBAN amounts so as to send money.

Using the revolutionary company, Azimo users need only select among their telephone contacts to send them cash. Their recipient will then receive an SMS with a link to get the Azimo program and maintain the cash. Sitting within the current Azimo program, this revolutionary, one tap tech brings cross-border transfers bang current, with the quickest, simplest process yet.

“One of the toughest things about sending money overseas is understanding all the specifics of the recipient upfront. Various countries require different data to be inputted at the time of transport for example IBAN’s and bank routing numbers. Not everybody knows how to obtain this info, let alone what some of those numbers ought to appear to be”, describes Michael Kent, Co-Founder and CEO of Azimo.

“Our new attribute has been designed to be intuitive and easy as possible, allowing a more frictionless experience for clients when transferring money overseas. We feel quite strongly about the value of an advanced, fast and inexpensive service to our clients. Finance has been truly digital, today it is truly mobile.”

Azimo’s ‘request’ functionality brings recipients into the procedure for the very first time. Currently a request for transport can be made through Azimo’s secure, intuitive program which lets them control their portion of the process-whether they’re asking money to cover an emergency bill or to treat a beloved one.

Having a business servicing over 190 countries throughout the globe, Azimo gets the biggest digital currency transfer network in the Earth, and, is continuing to grow. The launch of the new attribute in Eurozone countries today, puts the business in the forefront of invention using mobile-first payments.

With this European launch, Azimo are also rolling out their Ask functionality to Poland, the US and Canada. The full offering will roll out throughout the majority of Azimo’s extensive network throughout the year.

The convenience of using mobile phone numbers to transport cash isn’t confined to international payments and users may use the new attribute domestically too, therefore Azimo’s target market extends to anybody who has to send cash whether sending cash overseas for support or paying buddies back to get a meal.

Present Azimo program users will observe the new functionality as part of the latest upgrade. New users may download the program to the App Shop or Google Play. To celebrate the launch, all international and domestic transfers sent to telephone numbers are all free.

Launched in 2012, Azimo is the easiest way to transfer money across the Earth, touching countless people’s lifestyles. Fast, easy and secure, Azimo gets the largest digital network in the world, allowing clients to send cash to over 190 countries from any internet-connected device.