Man arrested for breaking to coin machine told police he needed Cash because wife had cancer

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — A Missouri man arrested for breaking into a coin maker in a car wash told authorities he wanted the money since his wife had cancer, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office stated Wednesday, January 4th.

Police apprehended a suspect, recognized as 41-year-old Michael Brandt, also took him for questioning. Prosecutors stated Brandt confessed to breaking into the coin machine. When asked why he did this, Brandt told authorities his wife was sick and he had money. Brandt then asked authorities to inform the owners of the car wash he was accountable for damaging their money maker and accepting the money.

Brandt was charged with one count of first-degree home damage. He remains jailed on $2,500 bond.

Police said they’d been searching for Brandt for many months and guess he is accountable for coin maker break-ins along Interstate 270 from the Fenton-Eureka region.

Police also verified Brandt’s spouse was previously diagnosed with cancer, but has been in remission for the past year.

Meanwhile, the Brandt’s spouse filed for divorce in November 2016.