Mariah Carey Money Issues, Money Crisis Made Up

Mariah Carey Money Trouble

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Mariah Carey isn’t in the middle of a “money crisis,” despite a completely inaccurate report in one of the week’s fresh tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively clean up the circumstance.

An article in the latest issue of OK! Claims the audio superstar is beginning to have money issues because her lavish lifestyle is catching up with her. A so-called “literary” tells the magazine, “Mariah lives such as a queen, but so will her entourage of 20. She’s not bankrupt yet, but she’s definitely feeling the pinch. Her concerts are not bringing in money the way they used to.”

The outlet’s seemingly phony insider goes on to state Carey recently needed to reduce prices like private jets and five-star resorts because of her supposed fiscal woes. “She actually strike a P.F. Chang’s along with her entourage in Texas a couple of weeks back,” the “origin” adds. “They rolled up in a bus. She’s having to live almost like a regular man.” The doubtful origin further contends the singer expects her current tour with Lionel Richie can help alleviate her alleged cash difficulties.

It must be noted, Carey’s net value is projected to be more than $500 million, so Gossip Cop was reluctant to believe OK! ‘s tale of her supposed financial difficulty. Our doubts were confirmed after assessing with a rep for Carey, who exclusively assures us “Mariah isn’t having financial troubles.” This is only a non-story.

Unfortunately, we’re not amazed with the magazine’s bogus report. Gossip Cop recently busted the outlet for creating a narrative about Carey with a “midlife crisis” and partying nonstop. Shortly before that manufacture, we called out the tabloid for falsely claiming Carey won’t signal photographs of herself when she appears heavy inside them. This brand new article about the singer’s nonexistent “cash crisis” is simply more fiction.

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Mariah Carey is getting money issues.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


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