Modi’s decision is a joke, calamity and a brake on Indian economy: Kerala Finance Minister : India, News

Your decision to refuse Rs 500, 1000 currency will interrupt economy and financial existence will be on the standstill, the Fund Minister Jones Isaac of Kerala has stated.

Kerala Finance Minister Thomas IsaacPicture: PTI


  • Modi’s choice is just a laugh, calamity along with a brake on Indian economy: Kerala Money Minister

  • This choice brings the economy to some standstill: Isaac

  • Regular folks maintain money in palm, dark cash is stored overseas: Isaac

Decreasing greatly about the main government because of its choice to refuse 1000 records and Rs 500, Kerala Money Minister Jones Isaac has named a brake about the economy and your decision a laugh.

Talking with India Nowadays following the Minister’s statement that 1000 records and Rs 500 wouldn’t be legal-tender article night of Nov 8, Isaac stated that the economy will be brought by your decision .


“It’s likely to interrupt financial existence. The entire economy will be on the standstill. No feeling is made by it. The main reason this is performed to fight with fake records from Pakistan doesn’t maintain water,” said Isaac.

Criticizing your decision more, Isaac stated ” When The minister is currently considering dark cash is kept in almirahs in Asia in cash, then that isn’t right. Main percentage of cash that was dark is loaded abroad, the remainder is committed to additional prior materials and qualities or platinum. It’s regular individuals who maintain money in palm,” he included.


Going out the treasury can’t work as typical, Isaac likewise took to query the transfer. Your decision arrived as as shock actually for that state that it’s not had the opportunity to consider nowadays through the way the dealings within the treasury might occur.

” The minister had guaranteed he might deposit 15 lakhs in most our balances after getting dark cash back from abroad. That didn’t function. Thus this crisis,” said Isaac.