More Americans separate

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – More Americans are opting to keep their finances separate in their spouse or spouse.

Twenty-two million Americans who are married or have a partner keep all their bank account independent, according to Younger millennials and those earning less than $30,000 per year will be the most inclined to go for separate accounts, 37 percent and 35% respectively.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of Americans say understanding a person’s credit score could have an effect on their interest in dating them. Women were almost three times as likely to think about credit score a major influence in comparison to men (20 percent ( 7%).

Millennials broke and both proved with stereotypes. Elderly millennials (ages 27-36) will be the most inclined to be worried about credit scores as soon as it comes to connections, though many of them consider credit score to get only a minor effect on their decision (45%). Younger millennials (ages 18-26) are most likely to say it has no effect whatsoever (55 percent).

Deciding when to disclose your personal financing to a potential partner can be difficult. The majority of respondents are mixed between waiting till after dating a few months (37 percent) or after a couple is currently engaged (37 percent). These two timelines were most often chosen by older millennials (45%). Lately, 19 percent of Americans think credit scores are not a significant factor in a relationship.

“It’s probably not a fantastic idea to ask for someone’s fiscal history on the very first date,” explained Mike Cetera, charge card analyst at “However, it’s far better to know whether a potential partner has a history of poor financial choices before the relationship goes too far, particularly in the event that you plan on making huge purchases together or sharing bank account”

Combining at least some accounts remains the most frequent practice. The analysis found 77 percent of married and partnered Americans have some joint bank account.

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