Sexism was pervasive in Fund, says Virgin Money boss

Her remarks follow a widespread backlash against male directors using their power against workers came forward saying that they had been abused by Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

“I wonder if that is because they have tried to work out what to do about their own culture post-crisis, it’s held banks’ feet to the fire more quickly than in other fields of financial services”, she added.

Ms Gadhia, that had been using RBS between 2001 and 2007, told the Treasury select committee: ‘I remember a very senior woman becoming upset telling me that she had been likely to sleep with her supervisor. “I’d hoped that I would be able to bring a more senior role because sales team, and I had been told by a really senior man, “You do not have the characteristics essential to direct a sales force”,’ she said”.

Jan Gooding, manager of addition at insurer Aviva, that owns the company that was called Norwich Union, said: ‘Aviva has zero tolerance for any sexist behavior’.

“Her opinion is that the insurance industry can do a lot more in order to advance girls in motor insurance and we need to look at the barriers to advancement there”, Gadhia said.

JP Morgan stated: ‘We are supportive of the aims of the charter’.

After being made to run HSBC’s entire operations stateside, Dorner announced her retirement from the business in 2014.

Gadhia pointed out that although the charter has been signed by 114 signatories, more support was needed.

The City’s culture is “overwhelmingly” the most important reason why girls are put off by finance tasks, said Gadhia, that had been giving evidence in an inquiry into the status of women in finance.

Santander UK has had girls occupants of the chairman and chief executive functions, but Ana Botin and Baroness Vadera did not hold their roles. “Jayne-Anne Gadhia’s proposal of linking bonuses to diversity on boards would surely be an interesting way of concentrating minds and incentivising this goal”.