Subramanian Swamy says Note ban has caused huge collateral damage, and blames finance ministry

Rajya Sabha Swamy tweeted that Rs 500 to be banned by Prime Minister choice and to “huge security damage” has been brought by Rs-1000 records.

Not accusing PM for that “damage”, the BJP chief was targeting Marriage Money Minister Arun Jaitley. Swamy

Swamy backed the transfer but added the fund ministry, particularly Jaitley screwed it-up with ” bad backup planning”. A “good backup strategy might have supplied for (a) gentle landing”, he included.

Notice bandhi evaluated: 1.Desirable to complete 2. Bad backup planning 3, by MoF. Cash that was dark reassigned 75 . Security damage large

— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) Dec 14, 2016

The MP stated that he offered an indicator “through a issue, such that it was nevertheless lucrative to visit the dalal” however the ministry “modified it. He mentioned the brokers who consider large amount of cash as fee to “convert” dark money.

He additionally supposed that black cash had been “redistributed 75 to 25”. Swamy wasn’t at-all cynical concerning the transfer incorporating the push could be preserved having a correction” that is “course.

Nevertheless, the task could be saved by program modification, and dark cash eliminated

— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) Dec 14, 2016

Against whom he’s been happening having a bad strategy actually, the BJP number of tweets throw a darkness on his friend Jaitley. He required on Jaitley before demonetisation for the of preparation”.

The Rajya Sabha MP stated it’s Jaitley who’s accountable for the long-lines before ATMs.

Swamy stated in March he was pleased with using the work completed by Modi, pleased that were but “not with that of money minister. Swamy also stated that only Modi knew “how he’d created the fund minister do their own work.”