Telangana: Gang posing as cops, CBI officials loot 40 kg gold from finance firm


Updated: December 29, 201601:04 IST

PTI, Hyderabad/Sangareddy

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Around 40 kgs of platinum and Rs a number of five individuals looted around lakh in money
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a team of five individuals, who presented on Thursday in a department of the personal fund company in Sangareddy area of Telangana as CBI presumably looted platinum ornaments, authorities said.

Around four individuals joined the Fincorp department at Beeramguda under D Puram police stop limitations at am while a different one waited in a four-wheeler away from department, they stated.

“Around 40 kgs of platinum and Rs a number of five individuals looted “Around lakh in money. One of these launched herself like a CBI official towards the team and informed them there are reviews that many people had transformed their dark cash into white and stored their platinum in the department,” Cyberabad police commissioner Sandeep Shandilya, who visited the crime-scene, told journalists.

The con men, one of these who likewise presented like a traffic policeman, more stated that they’d introduced one crook together who’d educated he had stored his stolen platinum butt using the department and stated prior to the team they were having info of “irregularities” in foreign exchange procedure because of demonetisation and they’ll examine the documents and lockers of work.

Within the title of documents that were examining, they got the team was exposed from by the lockers. Following the team increased mistrust, them presumably confronted and created away using the platinum decorations, authorities said.

“We have been of locating the accused CCTV video in the procedure. Special-teams have now been shaped to find the absconding ” Shandilya said.

Another officer stated that before fleeing in a four wheeler, the thieves got the records together away and broken the cameras. On obtaining info, RC Authorities began the analysis and achieved the financial institution.

Research procedures have increased to nab the thieves. Automobile checking has been adopted at entrypoints and various leave including Telangana – Maharashtra borders, the officer that was mature stated.

Authorities can also be along the way of examining the situation from all edges and accumulating CCTV video of surrounding places.

A significant number of clients required the company must return their platinum and collected prior to the department after visiting learn about the theft within the lender.

Around 3 years before another device of the company situated in exactly the same area authorities said.

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