Which Coin Will Win?

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The two of these highflyers are taking the crypto community by storm. Which one is going to fare in 2018? Who do we think will outperform another? Find out.  

In case Ripple is the   Goldman Sachs of all  crypto, Stellar is its own antagonist, Robin Hood, with the latter pointing out that the former is hanging on to nearly 60% of those originally issued Ripple tokens. That in my ledger suggests they could control their own market. For reference, 60% is a towering percentage of founder possession.

So Wall Street has discovered that their Crypto God and they are lifting their gaze to the blockchain to beg for further afield.

By comparison, Stellar’s Robin Hood has seize management of the surplus supply of tokens to a non-profit known as the Stellar Development Foundation which has no inventory or profits awarded to people. Furthermore, it’s backed by a benefactor, “nobody has ever been terminated for utilizing IBM’s coin”. Yes, I made some of that up, but Watson ordered me to compose it.

Assessing the two competing teams, you are quickly struck with the difference in their own governance. Ripple is made up of ex-bankers and an advisory board of worldwide financial institutions, although Stellar casts a set of start-up veterans such as WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg Y Combinator President Sam Altman.

Big Blue appears intent on regaining its most popular tech darling on earth status by jumping to the Blockchain with both toes. They’ve assumed the part of Little John and Stellar is just one of the strategic investments. They want to be the first time horseman to Scott Galloway’s Four at Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple. IBM views the blockchain as the opportunity to return to the winner’s stable.

So, if Ripple and Stellar are not able to fight it out, the way shall we doth compare thee?

Ripple (XRP) Stellar Lumens (STR)
Market Cap $84 billion $5.9 billion
Cost $2.17 $0.33
Trading Volume 7.8 billion 518 million
Total Coins 100 billion 103 billion
Target Market Financial Institutions Companies & People
Governance Centralized Decentralized
Transaction clearance 2- 4 seconds two — 4 seconds
Team Bankers Entrepreneurs
Important Partner Bank of America, Merrill Lynch IBM
Inflation Static/deflationary 1 percent inflation each year

The two Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (STR) have experienced enormous run-ups in the past 30 days and concerning cryptocurrency market cap rankings, they have attained twond and 5th respectively. They’ve been carrying out a course over the previous 30 days since you can see below.

Ripple versus Stellar 30

Ripple or Stellar?

The very first thing you want to understand about the two coins is that they’re going to be everywhere. The planet’s strongest banks and one of the most powerful companies will be shooting their crypto arrows to whatever which whiffs of cash.

Along with the market for cross-border payments, microtransactions, and intermediary currency functionality is enormous and both companies are handling it with exceptional technology. For instance, if someone is seeking to exchange U.S. dollars for Euros, possibly system could facilitate the conversion by fitting relevant offers and utilizing Ripple or even Lumens to quickly execute the transaction. Today it may take hours or days.

Neither of these coins will ever find the lofty costs of Bitcoin. There is too much distribution. Imagine Ripple trading in $20,000 which would effectively provide it a market cap of two-thousand Apple Computers. That is not happening. But I will predict that we’ll see Ripple cross $3 a share 2018 while Lumens will triple.

I also predict IBM will leverage blockchain businesses such as Stellar to leapfrog its competitors in an effort to combine the Four Horsemen. Want evidence? Just look at the history of IBM and their various comeback tales.

Believe IBM is only out to harness the blockchain space? Nah, it is more King Richard compared to Sheriff Nottingham and it is a master of reinvention and deploying trends. This time around will be no exception.

My decision: Ripple will keep its rise, but Stellar is a $15 billion market cap coin trapped at a $5 billion chest.

This article is not an investment advice. Do your research and invest wisely.

Agree or disagree with me? Then, speaketh up and best be heard!

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